Since 1960 Duncan Oil has been a trusted choice for home heating in Dayton and the surrounding areas. Proudly offering clean-burning propane and safe, economical heating oil, Duncan Oil will keep you and your family warm.


As one of the most versatile and economical fuel options, propane is a great choice for home heating.

Not only can propane be used to keep you warm, but it can also be used in your cooking range, fireplace, pool heater, and even your clothes dryer.

Duncan Oil Propane will provide you a cost effective, clean burning home heating source.


As one of the most efficient fuel options, heating oil is a great choice for home heating.

Due to its high BTU content, heating oil provides a very consistent and efficient source of warmth.

Duncan Oil continues to offer safe, clean, and economical home heating services with heating oil.



This program allows our customers the ability to evenly spread out their home heating expenses throughout the year. Level Billing provides consistency while avoiding large expenses during the cold winter months.


This program eliminates our customers’ worry of having to keep up with their account, as we will simply charge your account after a delivery. Automatic Billing is a safe, secure way to stay up to date with your account.


This program is very popular for our customers who aren’t interested in the Level or Automatic Billing programs. Per Delivery Billing provides our customers with total control as they simply pay as they go.

Safety Tips

Should you experience a leak with your heating oil or propane tank, or if you believe a carbon monoxide leak has developed, please contact our office as soon as safely possible.

Emergency Service

At Duncan Oil we proudly offer 24/7/365 emergency service should you find yourself out of fuel and needing a delivery. Please call 937.608.0024 for any emergency fuel needs.

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Pricing Transparency

At Duncan Oil we pride ourselves on being 100% honest and transparent. We guarantee to provide your fuel at the absolute lowest cost possible, you have our word.